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Steel construction made to measure
Konstrukcje stalowe


Konstrukcje stalowe

Production and assembly steel constructions.

Assembly industry plants.

Maintenance and modernization of the production equipment in the paper industry

Maintenance and modernization of the steam and water boilers of all types and sizes

  • Pressure part of the boilers,
  • Powdered-fuel burner and dust-air conduits
  • Carbon feeders
  • Dirt traps and crushers
  • Carbon grids
  • Mechanical bunkers
  • Air-heaters of all types
  • Air and gas fans
  • Air and gas channels
  • Electro-filters and other dust extractors
  • Supporting structure of the boilers
  • Execution of the civil-insulation works
  • Technical condition evaluation with specification of the maintenance scope
  • Specification of the delivery scope of the parts and materials for the further repairs
  • Maintenance of the water and steam fittings of all types

Equipment assembly of the heat- generating plants, power and technological installations

  • Boilers with the auxiliary devices, air and gas channels and others
  • Steel construction of the industrial objects and equipment
  • Pumping stations
  • Technological and steam piping including fittings
  • Environment protection equipment
  • Pressure tanks
  • Heat exchangers

Production of the power equipment and steel construction parts

  • Powdered-fuel burners of the modern construction
  • Waterwalls of the power boilers
  • Bended elements - bends, coil pipes
  • Exchangers and coolers
  • Pressure tanks
  • Mounting and supports of the piping
  • Steel constructions
  • Chambers, collectors and attemperators
  • Air channels
  • Carbon storage bins

Production and maintenance of the heat exchangers

  • Coolers and compressors of 1st grade.
  • Compressor cooler
  • Mixer
  • Thermal degasifier with the feed water container
  • Cooler of the fumes and desalinated parts
  • Expander
  • Heat exchangers


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